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i would love to get your feedback on the book, and hear your story. please email me if you'd like.

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I am Renée, 37, a girl, a writer, a reader, a swimmer (over a mile every day), an incest survivor, and a web developer.

I have a family I adore, a daughter and husband, an apartment full of stuffed animals, a new kitty named Charlie, an iPod, and a fishtank.

I write in moleskine notebooks with nice pens, in my personal blog, my infuze magazine blog, on my mac powerbook, or on my little lavendar sony vaio.

I read Adrienne Rich, Margaret Atwood, Sheri Reynolds, Madeleine L'Engle, Sue Kidd, Anne Lamott, Douglas Coupland, and Toni Morrison.

I listen to Secret Garden, Tori Amos, Jeff Johnson, Alanis Morissette, Dead Can Dance, Sarah McLachlan, The Sixteen, Chantal Kreviazuk, gregorian chanting, the Ditty Bops, Peter Gabriel, and Happy Rhodes.

I am interested in poetry, photography, altered bookmaking, collecting all sorts of random information, independent bookstores, art museums, vintage postcards, community, relationship, and good conversation.

I work as the Web content specialist at Youth Specialties, the managing editor of The Journal of Student Ministries, and as a staffer at Infuze Magazine.

I love my husband & daughter, the color green, taking a nap, a windy afternoon, the ocean, stones, trees, monastery vacations, caffeine free diet coke, and any kind of cheese.

I like carne asada with lime, the West Wing, House, and Monk, gadgets, the way my husband says "yesterday," and my daughter's smile.

I respond to email, so please send me a note.

I upgraded my Paypal account and now accept credit cards! It's a perfect time to buy those 10 or so copies you want to give your friends. $15 per book via paypal to renee @ ianua . org, or email me for snail mail info.


The Procussions album 5 sparrows for 2 cents has officially released - and with it, the song inspired by the book, and with the poem I wrote (and recorded) at the end. You can buy it on iTunes, or in your local music store. My song is called "American Fado" and it is amazing. Get American Fado on iTunes for 99 cents!


Stumbling Toward Faith is officially out of print.

I bought the remainder copies from Zondervan and am still selling them.

You can buy them by emailing $15 per book to my paypal account (renee @ ianua . org) (electronic checks and debit cards only) or email me for snail mail info.


I'll be on WAFG (90.3) today from 1-2 eastern time.


I had my first national radio appearance last Friday.
I was on the Steve Brown Etc. show.

You can listen to the file here.

Steve and his staff were fantastic!


I will be speaking at Columbia Bible College March 17 & 18. If you're in the BC area, please come out to see me!

Download a pdf of the brochure.


I will be interviewed on the Steve Brown Etc. show on February 10. You can hear it via the internet or your local radio station.


Stumbling toward faith is featured in two different magazines for the July/August 2005 issue: Today's Christian Woman and Relevant. Check 'em out!


Last weekend I recorded for the procussions upcoming album. They wrote a song inspired by stumbling toward faith and asked me to participate by writing a poem and reading it on the track. It is a powerful song, and I am honored to have been a part of it. (And now I've fulfilled yet another ambition -- I'm a rock star!)


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